Suprapubic Reflex

The Suprapubic Reflex is present at birth. The reflex is elicited when pressure is detected at the pubic bones and the body responds by tipping the pelvis forward, straightening both legs. If the skin over one pubis is firmly touched, one hip moves backward and the other moves forward. The opposite pattern is seen in the upper body, enabling the baby to initiate commando crawling before the STNR activates to allow them to straighten their arms and legs to crawl on all fours.

There appears to be a firm association between a retained Suprapubic Reflex correction and bladder and kidney function, tone of the pelvic floor, and the reproductive system.  Interestingly, this correction can also diminish an overactive Umbilicus Reflex.

It seems also to link into one of the most ancient parts of the brain, the hypothalamus, which controls body temperature, appetite and sexual urges, and controls the glandular activity in the body, which regulates your unique biochemistry.