Stepping Reflex and Heel Reflex

The Stepping Reflex and Heel Reflex make up the essential hardwiring necessary for walking. Yet they are distinctly different. Both are required to attain the ideal upright posture that will minimise strains and over-use injuries to the lower limb musculature.

Our bodies alter our postural muscles depending on if we are standing with our weight over our toes or our heels. These two reflexes help to remove tension from the muscles of the lower leg to allow for increased ankle movement and establish ideal posture integrated with our vision.

A significant amount of information we take in from our environment is through vision, so where we hold our head (tipping too far forward or back) has a tremendous influence on our posture. These two reflexes are aimed at balancing the connection between the input from our eyes and the feedback from our feet, yet interestingly, many people retain both.