Rooting Reflex

Light touch on the cheek, or stimulation of the edge of the mouth will cause a baby to turn its head toward the side of stimulation and open its mouth with an extended tongue in preparation for suckling. It helps the baby put the nipple in its mouth.

If the Rooting Reflex is retained, there may be hypersensitivity around the lips and mouth. The tongue may remain too far forward, resulting in speech and articulation problems, dribbling, difficulty swallowing and chewing. They may be fussy eaters or thumb suckers.

This correction may promote normalisation of hormonal functions in children and adults. Both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid signs and laboratory tests have moved to normal range after this correction. Adrenaline and cortisol tests have moved towards normal. The bottom line is: patients’ hormonal imbalance and their symptoms have cleared.